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Balinese Fine Art Wood Carvings


We first visited the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali in the mid 1980s and immediately fell in love with its people and their unique way of life.  We have since returned more than 40 times, for business and pleasure, and to study their traditional art and incredible culture.  The Balinese excel in the arts - particularly in music, dance-drama, painting, wood and stone carving.


The following wood carvings are from our own private collection.  More will be added soon...


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Fertility Goddess Dewi Sri - Root Carving (Circa 1970)
Fertility Goddess Dewi Sri - Root Carving117 x 10x 19 cm (42 x 4 x 7.5 inches) A superb carvin..
Ganesh Relief Carving
Ganesh Relief Carving32 x 18 cm (12.5 x 7.5 inches)   A very nice half-round relief carving of the..
Playful Pregnant Nude (Circa 1970s)
Playful Pregnant Nude (Circa 1970s) 23cm (9 inches)   This expressive carving of a playful pregna..
Group of 3 Balinese Layak Carvings
Group of 3 Balinese Layak Carvings(36 x 24 cm.  44 x 23 cm.  48 x 23 cm)   A collection of 3 free-..
Balinese 3-Face Leyak Carving
Balinese 3-Face Leyak Carving 48 x 23 cm (19 x 9.5 inches)   A free-standing tthree-face carving ..
Balinese 2-Face Leyak Carving
Balinese 2-Face Leyak Carving 44 x 23 cm  (14 x 9.5 inches)   A free-standing two-face carving of..
Balinese Kala Rahu Leyak Carving
Balinese Kala Rahu Leyak Carving36 x 24 cm (14 x 9.5 inches)   An interesting and fascinating repr..
Balinese Root Carving of Rawana and Jatayu (1989)
Balinese Root Carving of Rawana and Jatayu50h x 75 x 52cm (20 x 29 x 21.5 inches) This remarkable..
Balinese Cuddling Couple (Circa 1960s)
Balinese Cuddling Couple Circa 1960s  24 x 13 cm (9.5 x 5 inches)   A tender carving of a plump c..
Balinese Female Nude
Balinese Female Nude61 x 32 cm (24 x 12.5 inches) including base.   An exceptionally fine carving ..
Seated Ganesh (Circa 1990s)
Seated Ganesh  (Circa 1990s) 35 x 30 x 15 cm (14 x 12 x 6 inches)   A superb Balinese carving of ..
Balinese Dancer (Circa 1950 - 1960)
Balinese Dancer Circa 1950 - 1960.  41 x 17cm (16 x 6.75 inches)   A lovely carving of a beautifu..
Balinese Girls with Temple Offering (1930/40s)
Balinese Girls Preparing a Fruit Offering for a Temple Ceremony Circa 1930/40s.   33 x 30 cm (13 x ..
Brahmin Priest at a Temple Ceremony (1930/40s)
Balinese Brahmin Priest and Assistant Officiating at a Ceremony Circa 1930/40s.    28 x 28 cm (11 x..